Update Pirated Windows And Never Get Caught


This article is only for education purpose if you really like the software then do buy it.

If you are a using pirated windows 7 or xp and in past you accidentally update the os and getwindows-7 the Microsoft’s genuine error and you have to format it and re install the windows. Then you decided to turn of windows updates for forever but you want to get all new important updates from windows and never get caught then you come to right place.

Updating your windows is quite helpful cause Microsoft pushes new important and windows loop holes solutions in update. But in those updates one of update is check your windows license. So you just want to skip that update only, but how to skip that update?

Follow The Steps Below

Step 1 : Go to Control Panel > Windows Update > Change Settings

Windows_UpdateChange the drop down menu to “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them” and hit ok.

Step 2 :

Now time to check for new updates, now come back to windows update menu and hit “Check for update”. Now let windows search for new update.

Step 3:

Important step start so be careful, Now windows will shows the xx new important updates are available click on important updates and search for “Update For Windows 7(KB971033)”  or “Update For Windows 7 x86 (KB971033)” do check update number is KB971033 same for windows 7 and xp. Uncheck that update then right-click on it and select “Hide Update”. Check all other updates and click on update.

If you don’t find this update in available updates then you might already install this update, for that check it in installed updates search for this update and hit “Uninstall update” and restart the computer.

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