Install WhatsApp on Your Computer [Video]


WhatsApp is a mobile based messenger serviceWhatsApp, which is available for almost all mobile platform available, It’s a best messenger service I ever come across, But if you have a mobile phone that won’t support WhatsApp or you don’t have an Internet connection on your mobile phone, and your friends are talking about it now and then? and you feel sad, Then this trick is just for you.

Yes, you heard correct WhatsApp is now available for PC, not officially but yes there is many way to do it. You can also install Android OS on your computer via virtual machine and then install WhatsApp from Google play store, but it very handy for beginners. But wait there is one simple way to do this just follow the simple steps below and you are ready to go.

What you needed?

    1. Computer with Windows or Mac with Internet connection
    2. Active mobile number, Handset won’t matter. (Just able to receive call)

That’s it. If you have above requirement then we are ready to go.

Follow this steps below

  1. There is one service available named Blue Stacks. What it actually do is, you can install mobile application on your computer via Blue Stacks. Click Here to download it from their official site & click on download now button and wait for download to complete.
  2. Now install the BlueStacks on your computer. And just open it.
  3. Select messaging tab and click on WhatsApp, Now let WhatsApp download
  4. Then go to my apps and open WhatsApp and verify your mobile (See video for detail explanation), Try to verify with “Call Me” Method.
  5. Ok, Now you ready to go you successfully installed WhatsApp on your computer, Now go to bluestacks settings to add contacts to your WhatsApp. And if you want to upload photos and videos just drop them in your “document” or “my document” folder.


Warning : You can’t run whatsapp on mobile and computer with the same number at a time.

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