Sanam Patel
Man behind Tech 2 How (Sanam Patel)

Who am I.?

This is one of the difficult question to answer. Let me introduce myself as Sanam Patel, a 19 years old computer engineering student  from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

I am the chief  blogger and editor of  this blog (Tech2How). It has been almost 6 years since I started using internet. In this long  way I learned and experienced so many things about Internet, Software, Web development  and  tech stuffs. Via this blog I would like to share the experience I gained. I will be writing posts on what I have leaned about computers either from books, Internet or Manually.

Being a student I am not so good in English. Still learning phase going on  and trying to improve as much as I can. You may find some grammar mistakes etc on this blog. Please considering my efforts ignore those. You will see real and unique contents on my blogs. No spam or  copy paste from other sources.

I love Internet, Internet is my passion. I spend more than 12 hours surfing the web. May be you say I am mad, Yep! I am Mad about Internet

Other than computers and Internet  I love music and Mobiles. Even after spending that much time with computers and Internet I manage some time for friends as well.

I am a big fan of  Open source, Google & Android.

About This Blog

This blog is inspired by Mera Bheja

Initially I started The Tech Hack on April 2011, due to my HSC exams I had to stop blogging for some time. I  re-launched PatelSanam.Com as a The Tech Hack on  April 2011 and then changed The Tech Hack to Tech 2 How.

Feel free to  contact me from Contact page for any questions  or suggestion on the way I can improve the blog.

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