Motorola Moto E Launched in India

After the successful launch of Moto G and then Moto X in India, motorola has been decided to launch their new moto E in Indian consumer market. Moto X and Moto G both are budget phone and give you what you spent (bang for the bucks). Right now it is exclusive to Flipkart only and it is price only … [Read more...]

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Goes on Sale

#1 FPS game (First-Person Shooters) of Android & iOS Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour by Gameloft developers goes on sale yesterday. The original price of this game is  4.99$, but in sale it is available at 0.99$. The sale is available for both platform. Note : This is a limited time sale, and … [Read more...]

Difference Between takju, yakju and yakjuxw

Do have a galaxy nexus mobile then you might aware of these words in title, it confuse you lot. What are these words mean? This is nothing but the firmware builds of galaxy nexus. Your galaxy nexus have android firmware one of these it depends from where you brought it from. All firmware build are … [Read more...]

Update Pirated Windows And Never Get Caught

This article is only for education purpose if you really like the software then do buy it. If you are a using pirated windows 7 or xp and in past you accidentally update the os and get the Microsoft's genuine error and you have to format it and re install the windows. Then you decided to turn of … [Read more...]

Install WhatsApp on Your Computer [Video]

WhatsApp is a mobile based messenger service, which is available for almost all mobile platform available, It’s a best messenger service I ever come across, But if you have a mobile phone that won’t support WhatsApp or you don’t have an Internet connection on your mobile phone, and your friends are … [Read more...]

Change The Image Upload Directory in WordPress

If you are a blogger and using WordPress as a blogging platform then you might be know that WordPress have an ugly & long URL for image and other uploads eg. Which looks odd  and if you are a frequent visitor of our blogs then you might know … [Read more...]

HTC One X+ Announced

At starting of this year HTC announced a their One X smart phone which is a first smart phone which come with the quad-code processor. Now HTC announced HTC one X+ which is updated version of one X, with a lots of improvements in hardware and some with software. One X+ will available in mid or end … [Read more...]